Friday, December 15, 2006

Water, Air and Fire III

Here is the last one...Fire..It's a tribute to someone special!

I know a woman

With the exotic beauty of the firefly, shimmering in light,
Holding a torch to lead me through the darkest night;
Like the salubrious sun that turns the meadows into inflorescence,
She changes my abode into paradise by her angelic presence.

I know a woman

With soul like the moon, fiery passion within yet so quiescent,
She amazes me with her dynamic traits just like the growing crescent;
Her heart glows like a new lit candle flame, steady and bright,
Infusing a sense of tranquility, imparting a shade of celestial white.

I know a woman

Who lovingly sows the seeds of abiding bond, like the holy pyre,
And razes down the malicious souls like the blazing fire;
Cozy warmth to hurting burns, binding good to detaching bad,
She does it all like the dancing flames, happy or sad!

The woman is you….I love you MOM!