Friday, May 11, 2007

You are the Best..Love you!

Lo…Behold!!! I saw the most beautiful sari…. a peach colored crisp cotton sari with delicate, exquisite embroidery work…a classic piece!! I was buying this sari for the most beautiful woman. Fond memories crossed my mind.

She always looked as fresh as dew in her crisp Bengal cotton saris. Her freshly shampooed long tresses with two strands of hair delicately braided, the perfectly round maroon bindi and a fine strip of ‘chandan’ right above, she looked like an angel. I still recal the satisfaction I felt then, when I would spot her among ‘moms and dads’ waiting for their kids back from school. She would patiently wait at the entrance with outstretched arms and a lovely smile on her face. Way back home, I would narrate all great things I did in school from ‘how my teacher gave me A++ grade’ to ‘how my best friend betrayed me by not offering me her pencil’. She would listen to them with genuine interest…her face glowed with pride, every time I boasted of my ‘so-called’ academic feats! I miss those interesting sessions...Terribly!

The relationship I share with her today is beyond words. A doting father, affectionate brother, naughty sister, trustworthy confidant and above all THE BEST MOTHER. She is an amalgamation of all the relationships.

PS: Happy mother’s day AMMA !….This sari is only a beauty, a glimmer of the magnificence of your inner core. Nothing in this world can even come close to the love you showered and the sacrifices you made. I love you Ma!